Get Licensed to Sell Real Estate in North Carolina with the ONLY prelicensing course in Raleigh recognized for exam performance!

For those who are interested in jumping into a new career in real estate or those who simply want the knowledge base needed to handle their own real estate investments, the Broker Pre-Licensing Course is the jumping-off point to being licensed as a Real Estate Broker in North Carolina.

This 75 hour, introductory-level course (including examination) consists of instruction in basic real estate principles and practices. Included among the covered topics are real estate law, finance, brokerage, transaction closing, property valuation, property management, real estate taxation, and mathematics. Further instruction will be given in the areas of construction, land use, property insurance, and North Carolina Real Estate License Law. Emphasis is also placed on North Carolina Real Estate Commission Rules and Trust Account Guidelines.

Satisfactory completion of this course will qualify the student to take the North Carolina real estate broker license examination prescribed by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission. The required text for this class is "Modern Real Estate in North Carolina, Eighth Edition Update" by Gallaty, Allaway, Kyle, and Taylor, and a copy will be provided to each student.

Upcoming Pre-Licensing Classes

There are no upcoming Pre-Licensingcourses scheduled at this time. For more information, please call 919-301-8764.

CLASS CREDIT REPORTING: Please allow up to 15 days after completing your course for the Real Estate Commission to record your credit. The Pan School of Real Estate will report your course completion to the Commission for you. The certificate is for your records.

Course Description