Pan School of Real Estate is committed to serving our students through the duration of the Coronavirus COVID-19 event. To allow for continuation of classes, all courses available on our schedule will now be taught live via webinar. You will still attend class during the normally scheduled hours and it will still be taught by the same instructors you have come to love and trust. The course will simply be offered online rather than in-person. Thank you so much for your patience, understanding, and loyalty. We love and cherish all of our students and can't wait to see you online until we can see you in person once again.

Information for and About NC Realtors

Steps to Get Licensed in NC

Tips for Passing the Exam

  • Pick up your book early and dive right in.
    Having a general idea of the topics that will be covered and the vocabulary of the profession, will help make the material feel less foreign when getting started in class.
  • Ask questions in class.
    If a topic is unclear, don't hesitate to speak up in class. This is your time to benefit from group discussion and your teacher's experiences.
  • Don't wait to start studying!
    This course covers a lot of material - too much to digest over night or even a few days. Review every night the material covered in class.
  • Review with online lectures.
    If you miss a class or need extra review, some of your pre-licensing lectures are available online at
  • Try the AMP Practice Exam for further review.
    Try the Multiple-Choice Sample Exam or the
    Multiple-Choice Self-Assessment Exam

Realtor Associations

Professional Resources